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Extensive Background

The increasing cost of corn is driving ethanol producers to find alternate feedstocks, including cellulose. Membrane Specialists’ extensive background in the pulp and paper industry has given us considerable experience with the multiple separation and concentration steps required to extract cellulose from biomass, convert it to sugars and eventually to ethanol.

Specific applications include:

  • Clarification of pretreated liquor prior to hydrolysis
  • Recovery of concentrated fiber and suspended solids
  • Clarification of the hydrolyzate stream prior to fermentation
  • Concentration of fermentation pre-cursers

Membrane plants engineered by Membrane Specialists can also aid in by-product recovery, effluent treatment and water-recycling keeping operations as environmentally friendly as possible.

Solutions for Cellulosic Ethanol Producers

Membrane Specialists offers a range of innovative solutions to cellulosic ethanol producers using membrane filtration to clarify and concentrate extracts and hydrolysates and separate fermentation inhibitors.