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Fine Chemicals

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Fine Chemicals

Fine chemicals, including high-purity products used to make dyes, pigments, coatings, flavorings, fragrances, lubricants and microelectronic-grade chemicals, are generally manufactured in small or medium-sized batches.

Taking advantage of all the different membrane filtration technologies available, Membrane Specialists can engineer a system that exactly suits the needs of many different applications, including:

  • Dyestuff and pigment concentration, purification and desalting
  • Surfactant and cosmetic concentration and clarification
  • Lignosulphonate recovery and fractionation
  • Concentration of silica sols
  • Purification of process water
  • Effluent treatment

Selecting the Right Membrane

With the ability to separate particulates from the dissolved species or separate dissolved species themselves, a membrane filtration system can be used to produce a more concentrated or purified end-product. With the correct membrane selection, the filtration process can isolate dissolved species of specific sizes while allowing other dissolved components to permeate through the membrane.