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Crossflow Membrane Technology

Crossflow membrane technology is widely used throughout the process industries to provide a cost-effective solution for reducing wastewater volumes. In many cases, the technology can achieve a reduction in the volume of wastewater by a factor of five to ten times, offering potential savings on effluent charges as well as producing a clean water stream that can often be reused as wash water or cooling water within a facility. In some cases the concentrated wastewater can be reused in the production process giving a true “zero discharge” treatment. Payback on the capital cost of the membrane installation can be less than two years depending upon the application.

Membrane technology is particularly effective as a solution for:

  • Biomass separation
  • Textile and dye effluent treatment
  • Pulp and paper effluent treatment
  • Landfill leachate concentration
  • Clean-in-place solution recycling
  • Pesticide and herbicide removal
  • Food industry effluents
  • Oily wastewater treatment

Cost-Effective Wastewater Handling

Membrane Specialists can help design a cost-effective solution for wastewater handling. Crossflow membrane technology can reduce wastewater volume and save money on effluent charges and provide a source for wash water or cooling water.