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Specializing in Membrane Filtration/Separation

Membrane Specialists LLC supplies a full range of membrane equipment and process-development services to clients in the industrial, biofuels/bioproducts, food & beverage, Nutraceuticals and water-treatment markets. The firm develops customized process solutions using microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis and all available membrane geometries including polymeric tubular, spiral-wound and hollow-fiber membranes, as well as inorganic ceramic and stainless-steel membranes. This unbiased approach to crossflow membrane selection ensures a truly independent solution for each application.

The key people behind Membrane Specialists are all formerly associated with PCI Membrane Systems, Inc. (a unit of the Water & Wastewater Division of ITT), and the new company has been named as exclusive distributors of PCI Membrane products in the Americas.

Why Membrane Specialists?

  • Independent process and membrane evaluation
  • Applications and Process Development
  • Rental of pilot equipment from our extensive inventory
  • Capital plant and process operational cost projection
  • Engineering and System Design, Build and Installation
  • Operator training and technical support for optimal plant performance
  • On-site support or modem-based monitoring and control adjustment
  • Supply of replacement membranes and parts
  • Consultancy Services